Social Cities of Tomorrow

Last week I visited the Social Cities of Tomorrow workshops and conference. I could try and describe what it was all about but the organizers have already done a pretty good job at that.

A quote from the website:
“Our everyday lives are increasingly shaped by digital media technologies, from smart cards and intelligent GPS systems to social media and smartphones. How can we use digital media technologies to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech?

This was the lead question for the international conference and workshop Social Cities of Tomorrow, organised by The Mobile City and Virtueel Platform with the support of ARCAM. The event took place in February 2012 at several locations in Amsterdam and brought together key thinkers and doers working in the fields of new media and urbanism.”

Have a look around the website. There’s good stuff there about the workshop cases and participants, as well as information on the three keynote speakers. Usman Haque, Natalie Jeremijenko and Dan Hill all had interesting things to say and showed a lot of their work.

It’s not inconceivable that at some point you might be particularly interested in what I had to say about the whole event. If you are such a discerning reader, please click here.

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    Wat een onzin!

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