ERROR: The Art of the G/itch

I recently curated a mini exhibition on glitch art together with two of my classmates at the UvA. When I say mini exhibition I mean we gathered a bunch of online videos and watched them on a big screen. It was good fun and we managed to give one girl a headache. Head on over to Masters of Media to see the entire collection along with our curatorial statement. Here’s a quick snippet:
“This mini exhibition has been assembled based on the concept of ‘destructive creativity’. This artistic principle focuses on the unexpected use of technology where preconceptions of aesthetic value are manipulated, twisted and obliterated. Purposefully bending and breaking technology in order to create errors and glitches attacks the set limitations of standardized technology and art, and pushes the observer to think outside the box. ‘Destructive creativity’ is not tied to any specific form or style and incorporates many different media. Visuals, audio, games and code can all be used.”
So yeah, art speak. Also, the posts contains cool videos on circuit bending, data moshing, a cello made out of televisions and more simultaneous Pikachu’s than any sane person can handle. Have a look.

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